Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I recently set out to find an extremely comfortable pair of non-slip, non-heel shoes for being on my feet long hours. One of my favorite online shoes sites was having a sale on all their Soft Walk shoes. After a little research I learn that this is one of the leading brands among flight attendants and are known to be extremely comfortable. I am a strong believer in that there is no such thing as a comfortable shoe, it is an oxymoron. I prefer bare feet and if society would permit I would follow suit. Don't get me wrong, I love a beautiful shoe and love the look of a high heel, but I certainly feel the pain. I endure it. But I pay a price. I admit that these shoes are pretty hideous and far from feminine or very attractive, but they do make an attempt at being stylish and are worth a try. There are a few styles that could work nicely with jeans or cords in the winter. Mine are these clunky clogs but go perfect with black pants, an apron and a name tag. All Soft Walk shoes were on a one day only sale for $17.95. Their shoes retail for around $100. This discount in price made it well worth the small investment to see if these would live up to their promise of "lasting comfort" and a "massaging footbed". I ordered the shoes on a Thursday and found them on my stoop 5 days later. I have yet to wear them for a full day of standing, but upon trying them on and dancing around the kitchen, I have found them to be the most comfortable shoe I have ever had on my foot. I recommend viewing and periodically for additional Soft Walk sales.

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