Monday, January 25, 2010


At first hearing of the fast paced rhythm and modern sound of this CD, I wondered why Anglique had fallen so in love and went to all the trouble to send it. I assumed it was another Contemporary Christian artist, Taylor Swift wanna-be. At first, in the first notes of the first song and the first beats of the drum and strums of the guitar. But then I leaned in and listened and I fell deep. I LOVE this album and this girl. She has a beautiful voice and her lyrics blow me away. The song Liquid Love talks about love being the deepest pain but greatest joy one will ever know. It's that cup of joy and suffering Heidi talks about. This is a beautiful, beautiful album. I am wearing it out, singing outloud and loving how it changes the atmosphere when I do.


  1. The song "Liquid Love" as well as "I love it when you sing to me" are the two that I must sing along with, loudly, as as though I'm in her personal chorus. Those songs pluck my heart strings, and the spiritual inferences are subtle. An athiest could listen, and not get it, and still enjoy the songs.

    Glad you liked my late Christmas gift from your friend and fellow Tate Porch Society member

  2. thank you thank you thank you for this. this is the kind of stuff i want to write. love hearing it all put together. still wearing it out. miss you. can't wait for our next meeting. don't forget your gavel.