Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lunch- Cafe' at the Corner

I had a doctor's appointment in Hapeville. There were needles involved. That means I get a reward. Grape suckers and animal shaped erasers don't cut it anymore. I wanted chocolate. I asked the doctor where was the best place for lunch and he told me, "Cafe' at the Corner". He said it as if there were no other choices. Trusting no one's palate but my own, I actually drove past it first, but I was starving. The band-aid across the vein in my arm brought back memories of pain and light headed-ness and the only way to erase the trauma, was something warm and delicious, followed by something chocolate. So I turned around. I mainly turned around because I had to go to the bathroom. All that water I drank on the way to the doctor's office in anticipation of giving a urine sample was all for naught. They didn't want one. But you never know. Plus I didn't want the nurses to judge me and my coffee addiction. You can tell a lot by one's urine. I pulled in the back of the restaurant, as parking was scarce. The back door was propped open and kinda dirty and there was a stray cat in the parking lot, but by this point I was starving and dancing, so I went inside. I came in through the back and when I got up to the counter, found a long line of people waiting to place their order. Daily specials were on a chalkboard and huge glass dessert counter displayed a grand selection of mouth watering massive cakes and pies. I jumped in line behind a group of men in khakis and short sleeved dress shirts with badges attached to their belts. "Salmon Steak - 4 oz. portion of pan-grilled, Wild Caught Salmon, our lemon-infused linguine, fresh spinach & roasted Roma tomato garnish, with a cup of soupe or salade- $8.99, Quiche Lorraine - All vegetarian savory quiche chock full of spinach, mushrooms, leeks, onions and herbs, served with a Cup of Soup and French Bread & Butter.- $8.49". They even have crepes! I chose the Quiche Lorraine and the White Bean Soup with Truffle Oil. Oh my! The Quiche was drizzled with this Guyere Beurre sauce that took me right back to Cahors. So good. You order everything at the counter and it is all there waiting for you by the time you get to the cashier. There is a large room in the back with rickety bistro tables and chairs. I sat in the back corner with my Quiche and Soup and French Bread and sopped it all up the way Nathalie taught me. Actually, I have been doing that my whole life. It's rude to do that here I 've been told, but you can do it in France all day long. The meal has very distinct French flavors, which probably just means a whole lot of heavy cream, but I don't care. For under $10 I got whisked away to Southern France for just a moment. If I had had a glass of Malbec and a West Highland Terrier tied to my chair, I would not have known the difference. I swung by the dessert counter on my way out and chose two pieces of cake. Don't judge. I couldn't decide! (Band-aid across puncture wound in left arm vein).They wrapped them up neatly and included forks, just in case I couldn't wait until I got home. How'd they know?

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