Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lunch- The Porter

As Cafe' on the Corner is a tiny bit of France, this place is a big slice of Amsterdam. In the heart of Little Five Points, it already has the look and feel of Europe, with the eclectic passers-by, tattoo parlor and bizarre shops close by. (Make time to go in Stefan's to check out the vintage clothing). If the streets were just cobblestone, you could not tell the difference. The Porter serves Belgian Fries. That means French Fries with Mayo and you may say, "yuck", but I say "yum". No shame in my game, I love those things. I ate them last on my 31st birthday in The Netherlands...with my eyes closed. They also have shrimp and grits made with truffle oil,the best bean burger in the city (and I know bean burgers) and everything on the menu is paired, including their sauerkraut and organic Fuji apples. They serve breakfast on weekends and use local Georgia products, like pecans and Sweet Grass Dairy and Flat Creek Lodge cheeses. I am dying to go to Sweet Grass and have been to Flat Creek. That's where I gagged at the Bison Buffalo Steak something or another they served for dinner and got scared going up the fire tower and crawled back down like a wimp. But you should go there too. But the fire tower sways as you get about half way up and your knees turn to jello.
The Porter owners have studied under the best in the business, Seeger's and Bacchanalia's Anne Quatrano to name a few. They know their stuff and the food is great. The atmosphere is a little rough on the inside, a little worn and a smells a little funky, but all that fades when you put your nose in a Schneider Weisse. Proost! Cheers :)

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