Saturday, July 4, 2009


Years ago, before 9/11 and the economic downturn, when Delta was thriving, they partnered with L'Occitane in creating their international flight overnight bags- those ones with the earplugs and cheap socks. These were full of lush, yummy French created lavender scented creams, lotions and lipbalm. At the time, I was told the lipbalm was a Delta/L'Occitane only creation and could not be purchased at the L'Occitane store at Lenox Mall. It is now available, but can be hard to find and retails for $10. The consistency is a little different than typical chapstick and goes on smooth, not thick and glides on the lips. I have not been able to find an alternative, until now. Carla discovered this Blistex brand of lipbalm, Silk & Shine. It comes in the same type tube container like the coveted l'Occitane balm and is similar in consistency, much cheaper and offers sun protection, SPF 15. Retail Price $2.99

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