Thursday, July 9, 2009

Makeup Sets

I love these things! I love just looking at them and love how colorful they are. I always wanted one of these kits when I was little, but was too tough to admit that I liked girly things. Then when I actually started to wear makeup when I became all grown up, there was no way I would choose my color palette from a box of $4.99 assorted powders in plastic cups. But things changed. One holiday I was in the Wal-Mart in Hartwell exploring the Christmas clearance and found a purple tin box displaying colorful green, blue and tangerine eye shadows, blushes and lip gloss and had to have it! It was 75% off making my total investment come to $2.49. That was probably about 4 years ago and I still use this box! We all know good makeup is not cheap. And I intend to make mine last. I am not about to waste my fine collection of Bobbi Brown and Dior on trips to Target or the public library or to produce shop in the stinky Wayfield Foods. So that's when I whip out my little tin box from Wal-Mart and live a little. I love dipping my finger in the tiny little plastic circles filled with cheap shiny lip gloss. I love having 20 different colors to choose from and mix them all together, creating my very best rendition of "smokey eyes". The lady at the checkout counter has yet to compliment my plump lips, but I know the day is coming...If you see one of these kits in your local Wal-Mart you must get one and don't spend over $5.00, otherwise it takes the fun out of it. And get one for me, I am almost out of the safari green eye shadow.

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