Monday, August 24, 2009

Cosmetics- Eyeliner

Christine gave me this for my birthday one year. It is my favorite and I have found nothing that quite compares. No pencil liner can compare to this liquid version. The tiny brush takes some practice, but once you get it down you will never go back. This creamy liner brushes on deep, smoky, eye-defining color. It is long-wearing and waterproof, sorta. Surely nothing is truly water-proof. I always wonder how they define that. Basically I assume it means it won't run if you cry your eyes out at work one day. But if you decide to go swimming on your lunch hour, you may look like a raccoon when you get out of the water and need to remove and reapply. The whole water-proof thing confuses me, but I love the way this goes on and the deep, defining color.

It can be smudged while still wet for a smokier effect. It is easily removed with eye make-up remover or my favorite, Vaseline.

1 comment:

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