Monday, August 24, 2009

Travel Necessities

I took these to Mozambique and found them to be one of the most handle little things ever. On my way there I had a layover in Johannesburg and stayed in a little Inn with no washcloths or towels. I was not overly surprised, it was $50 a night and would I really want to use washcloths at a low end hostel anyway? The answer is no. So I pulled out my handy, thick, soft durable little disposable washcloth. I hung it out to dry and it dried quickly and I was able to use it again the next day. Some even come with soap already in them so all you need is water. And if the soap is gentle enough for a babies-well you know- then surely it is okay for me. Carla found these and told me they were good. Laura uses them too. Both use them on their babies and thrifty Laura cuts hers in half because she claims they are just too big for Owen's little-well you know, but I recommend them for everyone.
You know how you go to visit someone overnight and they let you use the guest bathroom and the towels are always white and fluffy and new and monogrammed and you wind up spending about an hour over the sink with hand soap and hot water trying to scrub clean the fancy Supima cotton washcloth that you just used to take off your make-up and it is now covered in black mascara stains!!!? No? OK, well maybe it is just me. But from now on I am putting some of these in all my over-night bags so that I am never without one. And you can invite me over and I will not ruin your towels.

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