Thursday, January 20, 2011


"In 1853, Aigle revolutionised the world of footwear by using rubber as its core material for boot manufacture. Boots continue to be made by hand at Ingrandes, France near Chatellerault.From preparation through to finishing, each stage takes place under the watchful eye of specialists. Firstly, the natural rubber mix endows the boots with all of their characteristics (suppleness, waterproofness, sturdiness, comfort, etc.) Then the parts are assembled by hand on an aluminium last. The 3rd stage in the process involves vulcanisation of the boots in an autoclave at 140° to give them their definitive shape. Finally, each boot is carefully inspected to ensure that a high-performance, high-quality product is obtained".

These are excellent, well-made, all-purpose, comfortable, all-weather boots. Oprah likes them too, but I liked them before she did. I have found most all other rubber boots impossible to walk in and they make me feel stiff like the Tin Man. Aunt Nancy kept army green rubber boots in the back of the rusty blue Jeep where I learned to drive a stick shift, going back and forth to the pond. They were just my size when I was young and I loved being able to put those boots on and puddle jump and get in the mud. These are all perfect for that. Get you some.

Oh! It's pronounced "Eh-gleu". Bonjour!

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