Thursday, January 20, 2011


It is not at all surprising that chocolate graces a list of favorite things. Although, I have never been a major fan of white chocolate. To me, it often tastes a lot like that cheap baker's chocolate. Twenty years ago Aunt Mot used to make those chocolates molded on a stick in shapes of Santa at Christmas. The chocolate all tasted the same and it tasted artificial. M&M's recent release of the coconut m&m tempted me and I tried them. They were not bad (I like them in plain Greek yogurt). But I quickly discovered that coconut is not even an ingredient! Angelique packed this in my Christmas package and I have been waiting for a quiet moment to experience it. Real coconut is the fourth ingredient! Lindt has "excellence" in their name and this bar is done quite well. With large coconut flakes, white chocolate done well, this is a bar worth the calories. And speaking of calories, it really isn't all THAT bad, only 120 in two squares.

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