Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Audio Books

Although this site really needs updating, the content it offers is worth enduring the very antiquated site. Librivox offers audio and text versions of all the classics and pretty much anything written over 100 years ago and not subject to copyright laws. You can find C.S. Lewis, H.G. Wells, Stephen Crane, Mark Twain ,the Bronte sisters and all the great poets and so much more. You can also volunteer to be a reader. I want to do that, but all the instructions are incredibly confusing- Boards to make posts and replies and saving files in a certain format and I am thoroughly confused. But oh what fun that would be! I have always wanted to be a book reader. I loved it when Librarian Harriett Brown would read to us as Hartwell Elementary School students. Stuart Little came alive and scurried across the large carpet among us. I think my Southern accent could fit nicely with a great Classic. But I can't read Snow White because I can't say the word, "mirror". It always comes out "mirrow" instead of "mirra" or "mirrrrrer". Which one is it? But if I ever figure out their system and I ever record a book I will let you know and even if the word mirror is in there, I will practice. In the meantime, check them out on iTunes as well. And if you have time to decipher the intricacies of how to record and book and save and send the files, let me know! Simon and Schuster might get wind of my reading, hire me and I can read books all day long!

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