Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stone Soup Kitchen

Jeremy Fare told me about this place. It is close to work. Nice restaurants close to the capitol are a big deal. Yet, over time, the rest of the capitol gang discovers it too and you can no longer go there and talk about work for fear of bashing the school superintendent for her close-mindedness for removing all references to evolution from curriculum, only to have her emerge from the booth behind you, giving you a cold hard stare and fake smile. I have not seen any suits here just yet. Just local Grant Park residents in need of a warm meal and great cup of coffee, kids in their PJ's and Patagonia, eating pancakes.

I like the fact that they have huge tables with outlets. You can go and perch and set up office and plug in and connect and work and sip coffee and have a delicious bowl of soup. I recommend going after the lunch rush, that way you can occupy a large table and not be taking up valuable space. They have vegan options on the menu and pretty sure breakfast is served all day. I like their Cuban Black Bean Soup. They serve Batdorf and Bronson coffee. They also have a little stash of yesterday's brownies and cookies for $1 at the front counter. If their stale cookies are good, I can pretty much guarantee the fresh ones are amazing.

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