Friday, December 12, 2008


Telecommuting has introduced me to a whole new world. My favorite new discovery...breakfast. Breakfast is typically, oatmeal at my desk or a breakfast bar. This luxury will end for me at the stroke of midnight Dec 31st :(

I could do a whole Favorite Things column on breakfast foods alone. For the oatmeal I have recently switched to the Kroger brand! I was a die hard Quaker girl, but the Kroger Active Lifestyle, both Almond & Cranberry and the Maple & Brown Sugar, at HALF the price, have won me over.
But the one morning a week I have been able to work from home, I can hardly wait to get up and cook breakfast. I love love love spinach and GOAT CHEESE and mini portabello mushroom omelets. I love 9 grain toast with Polaner's (or Kroger Brand) All Fruit blackberry jam. And I love Morning Star "Soysage". As a pescatarian, this stuff is amazing! I don't see how even meat eaters could ever go back to the real stuff after eating this. Yummy good. Also, if you are looking for a lucrative business, MorningStar has the market on vegetarian "meat". I even notice when dining out that most restaurants that offer "soysage" serve this MorningStar stuff and they could use some competition. So there is an opportunity here for a soysage making business and you heard it here first. Oh! And they go great with Starbuck's French Roast....

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