Friday, December 12, 2008


Ok, this is about to get really corny. This one is a "where have you been all my life?" find. He's a Doctor. He makes me smile. He doesn't make me feel guilty. He doesn't keep me up all night. He is refreshing. He is Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper. I know this stuff has been around forever, but in my efforts to be completely soda free, and in banning all carbonated beverages, I overlooked this opportunity for sheer bliss. I finally just broke down and bought a whole case the other day. I can hardly wait to hear the fizz. It's that good. And since we are already on the subject of things that are questionably good for you, I must admit that I love these too..White Cheddar Cheez-Its. Rebecca Grizzle introduced us. Thanks Bec, you've brought new pleasure into my life. And a reduced fat pleasure at that!

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