Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tea Kettles

Hanging around my handful of European friends has made me appreciate the art of "taking tea". I love tea time! Hot tea is so relaxing and soothing and good for you. We should be doing this y'all. I am all for bringing it back and if you come and visit me, I will offer you proper tea. What a delightful excuse to always have cookies in the pantry. I have this Chantal Classic Tea Pot. It has a Hohner harmonica whistle. I love the sound of a kettle. It is also a necessity for making coffee with a French Press and I hear once you start making coffee this way, you'll never go back to the drip. I recommend a French Press too, just not sure which one yet. Perhaps a fully stainless steel one, and for sure not glass, so it will be more travel friendly. Oh! and I got a new omelet maker for Christmas, the review is forthcoming.

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