Sunday, November 30, 2008

Moisturizing Cream

This stuff really is the best. I loathe lotion. I do not like the act of having to apply lotion head to toe and I don't like feeling all greasy. I don't know when you are actually supposed to apply the stuff anyway. I am always cold and don't want to stand around nekkid waiting on lotion to dry. If it is actually hot out, you don't really have dry skin and need the lotion. It's really only in the winter when it's cold. So lotion frustrates me. If you get dressed too soon you get it all over your clothes, if you wait too long to get dressed, you freeze to has happened. So given that application is important, and that lotion is at times a necessity, I recommend the oldest, most predictable, most reliable one out there...Eucerin. My eczema ridden friends, whose names I will withhold, all recommend it. This Eucerin in the little tub is the best ever. It is fragrance free and non irritating. I even use it on my face, now that I am using Retin-A as a self inflicted face peel. It is really thick and because I am obsessed with application I like the way you just open the jar, get what you need and immediately apply it to the desired area. With other lotions you squeeze or pump and a buncha not so thick COLD liquid comes out. And most of the time it can be irritating and has lots of chemicals and perfumes in it. As much as I love the soothing scent of cucumber or shea butter or rose petals or lavendar, most of the time it is just a buncha perfumes and junk. Yes, we all know Oprah doesn't wear perfume and she smells amazing because she coats her creamy chocolate skin in pumpkin ginger bread lotion every day and washes her hair in honey extract. But I say, stick with the Eucerin, it does the trick. If you wanna smell like Oprah, but some vanilla flavoring behind your ear.

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