Sunday, November 23, 2008

Point and Shoot

I love this little Point and Shoot Camera. I had the Canon S410 Elph and Upgraded to the Canon SD 750 after the 410 died in Africa. There are newer versions out there, but this one gets better reviews, better than the SD 1000 that has been out for awhile. I am sure you can find this one for less than $200. It has decent zoom, face detection, red eye and does that thing that picks out a color you choose and makes the rest black and white. It is sturdy and has survived being slung off the top of my car and bouncing down Meredith's driveway, and being covered in chocolate syrup when I threw it in the bottom of my wicker basket with chocolate cake on it's way to Betsy's New Year's Day Come and Eat Green's and Peas Party. I would love love love a big, nice, awesome, amazing camera, but since I have a tendency to leave them on cars and in baskets with food items, this one works for now, until I can learn to be more responsible. I also love being able to put it in my pocket and go. I don't like having to check bags at the airport and like to travel light. Maybe it will be my next investment, if I ever get that Apple Macbook Pro...

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