Thursday, February 19, 2009


I love maps. I love it that they are such pretty pastel colors. Dad had a big globe in his classroom and I loved to play with it when I was little. I love playing that game where you close your eyes and spin the globe and pretend you get to live in the place on which your finger lands. I have a map on the wall in my office. I recommend you get one too. It is a constant conversation piece and every once in awhile a random coworker will walk in my office, stand in front of the map, mumble something along the lines of , "Oh, ok. That's where that is" and walk out.

I love to put pins in the places I have been. I even suffered through a weekend business trip to Salt Lake just to be able to put a pin in Utah. Ok, not really. I went because of the nice hotel. And to make a positive contribution to national education reform, sharing the success and failures of the great State of Georgia. But I so totally put my pin in first thing Monday morning! Oh, and layovers do not count!

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