Saturday, February 14, 2009

Petroleum Jelly

So my adoration may appear a bit far reaching with this one. However, I love petroleum jelly. And I love the baby fresh scented kind. Despite being alive for 31 years and wearing make-up for half of that, I never knew that you could use petroleum jelly for eye make-up removal, but you can. Thanks, Carla. It's also good for your cheeks when running outside in cold weather, before and after. Also great for chaffing if that is an issue. And it works to help lube the brass hardware on the top of your closet door that keeps sticking, if you are out of olive oil. (I don't like to go to the hardware store!)
Once upon a time, when Catherine was born, they put a little tube of the Vaseline Lip stuff in her little bassinet in the hospital. It was baby scented, although not marketed as such, it just had the light blue top instead of the custom dark blue one. I remember that she smelled like it. Her little top lip was peeling off, something newborns do I reckon and I was attentive to make sure that her teeny tiny little top lip stayed covered in the stuff. I loved getting up in her sweet baby face and smelling that scented Vaseline in combination with that new baby smell. Heaven I tell ya.

I get the Target brand of Baby Fresh Scented Petroleum Jelly in the Tube, not the jar. (It gets under my fingernails when diggin' in the jar). It's $1.27, including tax.

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