Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am completely in the wrong field of work. I seriously need to be in some sort of creative design career. If Interior Designers were not a dime a dozen I could be one. One of my 100 dreams is to decorate a whole house, a big, old, rambling one. I would put crazy loud expensive wallpaper in the foyer. I would go to flea markets and get rare finds and use antiques. I would take a trip to Southern France and buy Limoges and tapestries and I would love every minute of it. I would swing by Vietnam for fabric for silk curtains and bedding.

My old condo once was described as, "a page from a Pottery Barn catalogue" and that tore me apart. I wanted to stay away from typical design, mix all sorts of eras and fabrics and textures and not be oh so Ethan Allen Pottery Barn predictable. Boring. My current home is "Bungalow on a Budget" and is nothing like what I would really do if I had the money or the desire to invest my money in this little home. My ten year plan involves a lot of travel, and furniture is at the bottom of my needs list right now. Yet, I love to look, to dream, and still need functional spaces in my home. I needed a desk chair. I bought a lovely wicker bottom one at the antique auction but failed to sit in it before paying $14 for it and discovered it is rickety. I hit up Ballards. And so should you. Don't buy everything in the store. Do not buy their artwork. Although I love their vintage map of Africa and I think they are going to carry a new Penley line (great local Artist). I purchased my porch furniture cushions there, a few throw pillows and recently got this lovely dining chair for my desk. Retail $273. My price $65. Ballard Backroom is a full of wonder place for furniture, indoor and out.
Mother came along with me, won the best bargain and got this lovely upholstered bench in a pale sage velvet for less than $90. Retail $661.

And not long ago I got a hutch for the boys' room, still in the box for $20. No zeros at the end. Yes, $20. It retailed for over $400. New. In the Box! All wood. 3 drawers, two shelves, beadboard inside.

Disclaimer: Ballard Backroom is hit or miss. I used to get the name messed up and called it Ballard Backyard for years. There are two outlet locations in the Atlanta area. The Roswell location is much larger and has a wider selection of clearanced merchandise.

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