Monday, September 20, 2010

La Croix

I am a huge fan of this stuff. It is something refreshing and cold on a hot day, even straight from the can. I like to keep the fridge stocked and grab one on my way out the door. They are calorie-free, sugar or sweetener-free, sodium-free, and caffeine-free. So what is in it? Refreshing, good, lightly flavored, pure sparkling water. They come in Pure Sparkeling, Berry, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Cran-Raspberry. I am a fan of Lime, Berry and Grapefruit. They are also great for making cocktails. If you are into that sort of thing. I also like to make my own Orangina by mixing a can of Orange LaCroix with fresh squeezed OJ. I also dilute my cranberry juice with LaCroix Lime. You can also use the Lime LaCroix, a tiny bit of simple syrup (and I mean tiny), a dallop or 3 of rum, a few sprigs of mint and Voila! a Mojito. Enjoy in your Tervis Tumblers. No sweat. No calories.

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