Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have to admit the UGG boot craze drove me nuts. I could understand if you lived in Banff, you get to wear suede shearling boots, but not if you live in Atlanta! In my opinion, if you are wearing sheepskin boots in Atlanta, you look stupid. Chances are it is not even cold, and there is a greater chance it is raining. So if you can't wear them in the rain, or in weather over 45 degrees, your days of wearing them are really limited. Plus, I just think they look dumb. Unless you are Hannah Montana, don't put on a denim mini skirt and these boots and think you are all that. Until, I tried them on. I never realized that my toes are always COLD. Suddenly, I fell in love with these warm, soft, comfy, rubber soled boots! I always remove my shoes at the door, but my boots feel like slippers and keep my constantly cold toes really warm. I bought this pair instead of the UGGs as I still refuse to invest a whole lot into them. So now I say you can get a pair. I won't judge.

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