Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sleep Sacks

So we all know I am no expert on the field of babies. But if you have one, I think you should put it in one of these. I kept Punkin this weekend for 5 hours and have NO IDEA how mother's do it (one hour of which he was asleep). I don't know how you ever go anywhere or do anything? Babies are heavy and you can't just put 'em in a contraption and walk away. They fuss. They put stuff in their mouths. They spit. But even after I put him down for his nap...I couldn't wait until he woke up again so I could get my hands on him. I love these little sleepers. Europeans use them all the time. I don't know why we don't. They are supposed to keep the baby "covered" no matter how much they move around. They are safer and more comfortable than loose bedding in a crib. So rather than covering them with a blanket it, you zip them up in one of these. Plus they are just too cute. Punkin has this one with the monkey on it.

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