Friday, January 9, 2009

Running Pants

As long as I am living, my thighs will touch. I could starve myself to near death, and my thighs will still touch. In the world of running, sweaty thighs and nylon, polyester or even cotton are not a good combination because of...chaffing. There was once a time in my life, before I was a runner, when I didn't know what chaffing was. Let's just say, now I do. Ouch. There is not just thigh chaffing, there is sports bra chaffing too, but that's another problem entirely. A second problem I face is being cold. I am always cold. I have such a hard time getting motivated to go run when I am cold. If it's cold inside, it's gonna be cold outside! I have stood out in the freezing cold with women in itty bitty running shorts and sports bras, and I am in long running pants, gloves and a stocking cap and cold! Those are just two reasons why I love these running pants. They are the Mizuno Exodus 3/4 Tight. They are better than shorts, because of the chaffing issue discussed earlier. My friend Truitt calls pants, "long pants" and I laugh at him and say, "as opposed to short pants?" But here is actually an occassion where there is a difference and they need distinguishing. These are short pants. They are better than full length pants because you can still wear them in the heat of summer. Once you really start running in cooler weather you really warm up and longer pants can actually get hot and flap around your ankles. These are made of "moisture management" fabric, have a back pocket and a small one inside the waistband. Their website boasts a Gusset Crotch and I am laughing as I type that and haven't a clue what that is and really don't even care to find out. But they are sleek and I promise, they make you run faster!

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