Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I love oatmeal! I recently pointed out to my mother that most all of my favorite foods are things that I didn't have growing up, such as oatmeal, sauteed spinach, and portabello mushrooms. I think my mother was insulted. But I LOVE oatmeal. I think, growing up in the South, we just didn't want to take away from grits or somethin'? Oatmeal was Yankee food and don't even think about Cream of Wheat. I used to point to it in the grocery store having seen those commercials of a piping hot bowl of warm Cream of Wheat and I wanted to try it. My mother would have nothing of it. And I always wondered just what the heck was porridge. I knew it was not good too cold or too hot, but I had no idea what it was? I think this is pretty much it. And it is so so so so good. You can add berries or honey or agave nectar or cinnamon or butter (shh) or bananas and have a different breakfast every morning. Carla gave me this brand for Christmas and I LOVE IT! It is NOT instant, but so worth the wait.

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  1. I really do just LOVE your writting. Please write a book and I will buy it.

    I miss you so let's talk soon ok?