Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nerdy Stuff- Jing and Cooliris

Papa adores these two sites. Jing Project allows you to:

1. snap a picture of your screen

2. record video of onscreen action

3. share instantly over the web, IM or email

This is more helpful that you realize. Being able to capture a page from a website and send as one document can really come in handy. The video of onscreen action is helpful when instructing someone on how to do virtually anything on the computer. You can even narrate these videos if you have a microphone. If sending a capture of a page- you can even highlight, arrow or create a textbox of what you are wanting to show. (as seen in the photo) This all may seem cumbersome and complicated, but the application is really user friendly and makes capturing and sending specific articles, photos or other information easy. Also, a lot of web photos and information is often copywritten and coded so that you cannot simply right click and save. I do not condone stealing people's stuff. But with this application you can "capture" photos that you would not be able to save otherwise.

Another one of his favorites is Cooliris It is a plug-in that takes you to a "3D" wall that lets you browse thousands of images, videos and more with ease and speed. (It works like the iPod touch) I think it only works with Firefox. So if you are searching for a photo or information on a specific item, you can type in a key phrase and have access to thousands of photos and subsequent sites relating to that subject matter. Their website explains it in great detail. You should check it out. P.S. This photo was made possible by Jing.

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